Cattleman's Steakhouse

89% love it
A place for steak lovers
It's not just a name, Cattleman's has been serving the men of the cattle industry since 1910 and is still located in the middle of the stockyards. If you love steak this is the place for you: huge steaks at reasonable prices served in a old-fashioned, straightforward cowboy environment.
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    • Mandosoy
      Mandosoy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      cattle country
      We are in cattle country and we expected the best. The wait was long. There are no reservations and they have no place to wait. You have to wait outside so if it’s cold, you will freeze. We both ordered prime rib but the meat was fatty and chewy. This place is not great, just mediocre.

    • flashgordon
      flashgordon Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Don't believe the hype
      We heard a lot about this place but it wasn't anything special. Also, it's rather out of the way. To start with, it's a dump. The waitstaff I guess would be considered "old school" but we just found them slow and unhelpful. We had the famous "lamb fries". Turns out it's a Denver oyster- cow testicles. They were flavorless and smooshy. Yuck. The salad was drenched in oil. The steak was expensive and flavorless. I've had much better meals at Outback. When we left we were told to hurry up and not to stand around outside because it was dangerous at night. WTF???