Habana Inn

85% love it
Largest exclusively gay hotel in the country
Located in the heart of the 39th St enclave, Habana Inn is within walking distance to most of the gay clubs in OKC. It is more motel than hotel, but the rooms are clean and comfortable. The Inn contains two clubs, a bar, a restaurant and an erotica gift shop.


    • Mandosoy
      Mandosoy Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The hotel was clean and comfortable. We had a giant room. And the perfect place to enjoy the 39th gay district. You can go from bar to bar and not worry about driving or Lyft/Uber rides. They are going through a remodel right now that is suppose to be done by June 2020 in time for pride.

    • jhill76
      jhill76 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      great place
      Room was clean, staff was friendly, had a great time. Party all you want and don't worry about driving after drinking.

    • Hobbybaas
      Hobbybaas Over a year ago
      Hates it

      The Worst !!!
      Run, don't walk away from this place. Filthy conditions, and I WASN'T expecting The Ritz. No wonder the place is a rundown disgusting ghost town. Rude staff. Internet service makes a turtle look like a speed racer. Told by security guard, "yeah, we've had issues with that, can you use your smart phone?" I spoke to the manager the next morning about it and he said, "well, I'm sure you've been an employer and so you know that employees will say anything to get out of doing work." Wow, talk about customer service! No apology, nothing. I'd stay at The Bates Motel before I'd stay here again.

    • darkmail
      darkmail Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Big fan
      We love this place would like to go more often. The people that work there are the best.

    • bl.newport.1
      bl.newport.1 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      A Pleasant Experience
      I've just returned from a four day stay at the Habana Inn and I can honestly say that I will definitely stay there again. The rates are very reasonable for all that is within the complex and the staff was extremely pleasant, both over the phone when I made my reservation and in person when I checked in and out. The decor of the room was dated, but it was not aesthetic I was looking for and the housekeeping staff did a wonderful job of being in and out every day. For a weekend, the complex was relatively quiet and I felt safe at any hour that I happened to be out and about on the grounds. The majority of the crowd was mostly men during the down time. The women seemed to only really come around during the party hours, but it was a good mix and good vibe in both the Copa and the Frontline clubs.

    • awd1315
      awd1315 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      It's not that bad
      Typical club scene but I find it cool they have a piano bar, dance club & country bar all in one building. My only complaint is Gushers (restaurant) I wish someone could call Kitchen Nightmares & have Chef Ramsey go in & whoop that place into shape. The staff is nice but the food is horrific and the interior is in dire need of a make over.

    • muffytv
      muffytv Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Not the worst, but not the best
      When I travel to OKC I stay at the Habana because its fun. Normally I am a hotel snob, but I put all of that away and deal with the older fixtures and vintage 70's hotel rooms just because its a safe place where you can be yourself. The clubs are fun and the pools are nice. It does get cruisy on the weekends, but hey that just makes it all the more interesting.

    • Brutis
      Brutis Over a year ago
      Loves it

      We love it there
      Me and my partner go there a couple times a yr just to get away from our jobs and home and have always had a blast. Most the guys there are fun to visit with and the rooms are clean, We hardly ever leave once we unpack the car and always enjoy the company around us on every trip

    • shonjasonmedley
      shonjasonmedley Over a year ago
      Loves it

      It didn't suck....
      I stayed at the Habana Inn a couple of years ago and loved it. The rooms are reasonably priced. The restaurant, Gushers, could use a name-change, but the food is excellent. Unlike The Parliament House in Orlando, the place isn't full of travelers looking for a good time, but is full of locals. A small element of these locals like sitting back and scoffing at anyone new who walks in, But, if you are thick skinned, it won't matter. Taking a good look at the said scoffers and considering the source will explain why they're so miserable and mean. That's my only criticism. Otherwise, it's a great place to ball!

    • David32
      David32 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Best place in the Midwest
      Rooms are okay, price is VERY inexpensive. Arrive here and then go to bars in the complex or within 2 blocks so you will never have to drive. Liquor store and grocery store 3 blocks away. They have several restaurants close by and one right in the Habana which is very good. This place is what it is. All ages come here to stay from all over the country. Management is very good and knows how to keep a well maintained property. By all means go and have a great time. Easy to get to and nice secure parking.

    • flashgordon
      flashgordon Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Oh my goodness no.
      We stayed in there "suite" adjacent to the cowboy bar. We knew we weren't getting the Ritz when we signed on, but people, come on! The room was old and the bathroom had seen better days. We were there just to go to the bars, hit the pool and check out the city, so we ignored the ratty outside and the fact that it looked like a prison from the street because the inner courtyards looked much nicer. Here's the good stuff: great location and if you're looking to hookup and have some fun, this is a good place to do it. Met some hot boys at the pool and a very cute guy on our first night. Bad stuff: Not very cruisy. Couldn't bring our own drinks to the pool, even though we're staying there. Had to pay $7 for a rum and coke in an 8oz plastic cup.The music starts pumping outside at 10 am and doesn't stop till 2 or so. And on the second day of our stay I found 3 huge roaches dead- one on the bed blanket. We got the heck out.

    • koolkeepn
      koolkeepn Over a year ago
      Hates it

      write me
      overall discreet but after you know me you'll know more.. I'M SURE T

    • cokescroaks
      cokescroaks Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Hot and cold running men, 24/7
      This place is great. There isn't any pretense about why people are there - it does have certain standards - security will make sure you aren't naked outside your room or in your room with the picture window curtains wide open - but it's all about what goes on in your room, or somebody else's room, with the curtains shut. Every room is accessible from the public areas - not hidden away in an interior hallway or anything - and other hotel guests and non-guest locals will stroll up and down the sidewalks and see what you're up to, what you might be in the mood for. :) The two bars are great - one is kinda country and it's open most of the time, and the other is a great big dance bar with go-go boys and it's always packed on the weekend nights - young crowd there and a little bit more mature in the country bar - but feel free to move back and forth between the two. Nice cute little gift shop with standard hotel gift crap and sex toys and underwear. I don't remember the restaurant being anything special, as far as the food, but it's nice. The staff is nice - you can tell they have to put up with a lot of crap and I feel for them - they handle it pretty well. There are two outdoor pools and they are nice and refreshing - not overchlorinated - and there are ALL kinds of guys who hang out there, from drag queen types to sexy twinks to "straight" guys who stop by on their way home from work. The pools are for guests but when the pools are closed at night the locals and the guests are just randomly roaming about. It's fun, and the opposite of uptight. There are about five other gay bars within a range of a few blocks, too. The whole neighborhood is fun on the weekend nights, folks just walking around half-drunk from bar to bar to the hotel to another bar. :) I wouldn't really expect to actually get a lot of sleep. :P

    • StrangerDanger
      StrangerDanger Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The Habana
      This is as close to being a Bath House as you can get with out actually being a bath house. I love this place. I travel a great deal & when ever I am in OKC, I always stay at the Habana. It has everything that you could want. Great bars, a nice restaurant, clean room & some very hot & friend hotel guests!